“Praise Jesus! Thank you Dr. Austin for getting me back in the saddle again! Yer simply the best!”

Shawn Savage

World Champion Rodeo Rider

“Aaron, my thanks are MONUMENTAL! No less!”

Bill Kimble

“Dear Aaron, Thanks for being so good at what you do and for your easy going nature.”

Kristine Linfoot

“Aaron, thank you for taking such good care of us!”

Joe Savage

“Dr. Austin is absolutely the only person in the world I would trust with my injuries. He has worked miracles for me and saved me a fortune in unnecessary MRI’s.”

Debbie Saucedo

“I have been in the care of a chiropractor since age 13. I am now 41. Dr. Austin is truly a gift from God and he uses the gift that our Heavenly Father has given to him to care for his patients with humility and efficiency. He is also able to fit you in and is so respectful of your time. I leave there feeling 100% cared for and praising God for Dr. Austin’s gifts.”

Grace Donnelly

“He knows what he’s doing!”

Karina Piel

“Not only does Dr. Aaron Austin fix my stupid human tricks in just 1 or 2 visits, but he also prays for me!”

Heather Faith

“Aaron’s office has it all. Whether I just walk in or make an appointment, I am always well taken care of and greeted with a warm welcome. I highly recommend Dr. Aaron Austin to anyone in need of an outstanding chiropractor!”

“I crawled in and walked out- just like that! AND! At an affordable price!”

Ana Williamson

“My hips started to hurt every time I walked. I was used to walking 2 miles a day and I started to fear that I was going to need a hip replacement.  But thanks to Dr. Aaron Austin’s treatment, I am now pain-free! I had a similar experience with both of my shoulders and elbows that began after a fall from my horse. Again, after Aaron’s treatments I am pain-free.”

Nancy Moore

“Dear Aaron: You’ve totally convinced me that chiropractic is a valuable tool in health care. It goes great with my mentality of non-invasive intervention, nutrition and exercise. Thank you for making the atmosphere in your office healing in every way. Your outgoing friendliness, the uplifting music, and comfortable surroundings make for a calming experience. My neck was really hurting on Tuesday when I came in. I was hoping for some relief. What I got was total relief! It’s Wednesday morning and I’m pain-free! Whoo-hoo, I’m happy! Thanks for letting God use you at what you do well.”

Bev Curren

Happy Patient

“Dr. Aaron Austin has been a lifesaver! I didn’t truly understand how much pain I was living with until he made it go away! Now he helps me maintain my good health with regular adjustments and a commitment to a natural homeopathic lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Austin!”

Amy Vranish

“Dr. Austin is the best in the business!”

Kelly Slater

World Champion Surfer

“Aaron, thank you so much for taking care of me and the twins. I am amazed at how much better I feel. You helped keep me sane during these past few months!”

Laura Sebastian

“Dear Dr. Austin, I would like to thank you for all the care you gave me over the past few months. Your care and friendship are deeply appreciated.”

Isabel Morgan

“I’ve had great care at Channel Islands Chiropractic! Dr. Austin always fits me in even without an appointment. He’s the best Chiropractor in Santa Barbara!”

Jill Thatch

“I was on my way to get a cortisone shot for a bad case of tennis elbow when I happened into Dr. Austin’s office. I was 50% better after my first treatment, and completely healed after just a few regular treatments. I am so thankful I didn’t have to go the cortisone route.”

Karen Yonally

“Very professional, but in a relaxed setting. Enjoy the music and flexibility appointment wise. This business is truly blessed.”

Vicki Dusebout

“Dr. Austin is always cheerful and upbeat. “It’s a great day!” he always answers the phone! He adjusts with gentle precision and awareness that is world class. My back has benefitted tremendously from his treatments. The benefits and improvements last a long time as well.”

Glenn Taylor

“After I leave your office, my migraines are gone!”

Erin Ferguson

“Dr. Austin has the skill and wisdom to effectively treat his patients, and his availability is almost instant. It could be called a walk-in service!”


“I have visited Dr. Aaron for a while now and it is always a great experience and relief for my back pain. I always refer Dr. Aaron to everybody who might need to see a chiropractor.”

Jose Villareal

“Channel Islands Chiropractic is much more than a precise body experience. It’s a wholesome Godly atmosphere with worship music and a doctor who asks if he can pray for you. God bless Dr. Aaron Austin and Channel Islands Chiropractic!”

Jeff and Christina Welch

“In 2003 I could not work because of wrist and thumb issues. Then I had a fall which made everything worse. I saw Aaron for a while and all my pain went away! I consider that a miracle! I thank God for Aaron! Expect miracles!”

Chris Brooks

“I heard about Dr. Austin from a friend.  Aaron mixes a good combination of love, caring, and faith! I count on him to make my life a little easier to live. God bless you, Dr. Aaron!”

Evangelina Diaz

“You rock Dr. A!
You’re the best!”

Angela Rebol

“God has so blessed me with your help and kindness.”

Bertie Gutshall

“Dear Aaron, your kindness extended to Lupe has been a huge boost for her. Thank you for your help and support. God bless you.”

Susan H.

“Dr. Austin, I could not have done it without you!!”

Yvonne Sanderson

“For anyone trying to decide if they should try chiropractic care with Dr. Austin, I wholeheartedly say “Yes!” My neck and back MRI’s say I need surgery. So says my neurosurgeon, who can’t believe I function as well as I do. I say it’s all because I have a great chiropractor who I believe has truly healing hands. When I used to get exacerbations of back or neck pain I would be bedridden for over a week. Now when I have exacerbations I see Dr. Austin and I’m up walking in a day or two and without pain by day 3. Dr. Austin is truly blessed and I am very thankful for his care.”

Valerie Maloney, RN

“I enjoy coming to see Aaron because he can always fit me in and the adjustment is always successful. I feel taller and more comfortable every time I leave! He is also very reasonable for a complete full body adjustment.”

Justine Bellefeuille

“Dr. Austin kicks ass! He’s such a great healer and expert. We never believed in chiropractic care before, but after receiving care from Dr. A I’m now a  firm believer. Aside from his expertise, he’s also and amazing and gentle person.”

“Dr. Austin is simply amazing. Every time I come into see him with pain, I leave feeling completely relieved! He is so good I only have to see him a couple of times per year! Thank you, Dr. Austin! You rock!”

Adrienne Leach

“Jose Magana recomiendo a Dr. Aaron Austin por que es muy bueno! Yo lo recomiendo.”

Jose Magana

“Dr. Aaron Austin is the BEST chiropractor ever! In addition to his chiropractic skill, he is just one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. He is honest, generous, loving and giving of himself in every way. Being with him is, in itself, a healing experience.”

Carol Barringer

“My wife and I are totally satisfied with the interaction we have at Channel Islands Chiropractic in Santa Barbara. Dr. Aaron Austin manages our health needs with friendliness and courtesy that you just don’t see any more. The office environment is very clean with a comfortable waiting area, although we never wait long at all. We trust Aaron to make decisions and recommendations that are in our best interests. We highly recommend Dr. Aaron Austin!”

Richard and Ruth Esqueda

“Aaron Austin provided personalized care. He even answers his own phone! He has never failed to “squeeze me in” after I tweak something, and still he has the shortest wait times of any doctor I have ever seen. Truly exemplifying the “care” in health care!”

Jon Ludwick

“I think Dr. Austin is the best chiropractor in the world!”

Dorothy Austin

(My Mom)

“Aaron, thanks for “cracking me up”! I’m always amazed at the R.O.M. my neck has afterwards. Wow!”

Amy Lafleur

“Oh what a difference you’ve made with this back of mine… years and years and years of “mind over matter” are hopefully gone! God bless you and your family always.”

Elizabeth C.

“Dear Aaron, thank you for your healing hands! You are truly blessed!”

Mary Madden

“I feel so good with Aaron and I enjoy the atmosphere in his office. I come out feeling so good and refreshed that I feel like a new person!”

Bonnie Dunne

“I had never visited a chiropractor before when my back was injured. After dealing with the pain for weeks, my friend convinced me to see Dr. Austin. I was skeptical, but desperate. To my immense surprise, Dr. A’s adjustments quickly took care of the injury and I’ve been pain free ever since! I also credit him for making my pregnancies more comfortable and for helping me heal faster during my post partum recoveries. I am a huge believer and I recommend him to everyone.”

Heidi Spilman

“Dr. Austin has been the perfect fix for pulled muscles and serves as a wonderful checkpoint for my well being. I enjoy the way he runs his business. It is very refreshing.”

Jane Macedo de Veer

“Dr. Austin exemplifies the true meaning of a health care provider. His quiet yet unwavering faith is clearly evident as he provides excellent and beneficial chiropractic care. Dr. Austin is truly one of the best and patient listeners I know, which is comforting and reassuring to a patient who might have concerns regarding their health. Dr. Austin is also genuinely fair and realistic in terms of what he can and cannot provide through chiropractic therapies. I have no hesitation in referring you to visit Dr. Aaron Austin at Channel Islands Chiropractic.”

John Evarone

“Though I live over 700 miles away, I visit Aaron every time I’m in Santa Barbara. I have received care from Dr. A for the past 11 years and he never fails to improve my condition and enhance my wellbeing. He is positive, uplifting, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Aaron Austin.”

Barbara Short

“As a high school and college athlete, there has been nothing better for me than coming to Dr. Austin to treat my injuries and maintain my health. He has saved me from the hazards that life throws my way!”


“It’s always an uplifting and refreshing experience when you meet with Dr. Aaron Austin. He has a gift of knowing just how much to adjust you, and it’s a joy that he will pray for you! God bless Doctor Austin!”


“I originally started seeing Dr. Aaron Austin to help with migraines. I was amazed at the results that chiropractic care had on the treatment of headaches! Now I pop in every month or so when my body needs to be re-aligned. I always leave feeling fluid and pain free. Dr. Austin’s easy going manner and friendly demeanor is always a plus!”