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• Turn off the news. Tune out the government. Think for yourself. Don’t be afraid!

 • Love your family and be kind to the people around you.

 • Look to Jesus: He’s coming back soon!




"Simply The Best"


The best advertisement is a good referral. “Simply the Best” is not an advertising gimmick, it’s a quote from many of our patients who see that our office is a little different and a whole lot better…

What our patients are saying

“Praise Jesus! Thank you Dr. Austin for getting me back in the saddle again!
Yer simply the best!”
—Shawn Savage – World Champion Rodeo Rider

“Praise Jesus! Thank you Dr. Austin for getting me back in the saddle again! Yer simply the best!”

Shawn Savage

World Champion Rodeo Rider

“Dr. Austin is the best in the business!”

Kelly Slater

World Champion Surfer

“You rock Dr. A!
You’re the best!”

Angela Rebol

“I think Dr. Austin is the best chiropractor in the world!”

Dorothy Austin

(My Mom)


We love what we do! We care about our patients and do our best to make people feel better. We designed our practices to operate in a way that allows us to provide you the best adjustment at the time that’s best for you, for the best prices in town.

To visit Dr. Aaron, simply stop by the office during his hours… you don’t even need an appointment. Really!

To visit Dr. Emily, call or text her at 805-680-3402. She works by appointment and even does house calls!





22 North Milpas,Suite D
Santa Barbara, CA 931013

In the same building as Ellers Donuts and Your Place Thai. 


Monday: 9-12:30, 2:30-6
Tuesday: 7-Noon
Wednesday: 9-12:30, 2:30-6
Thursday: 7-2
Friday: 9-12:30, 2:30-6


Voted Best Of, Chiropractor, Santa Barbara
SB Independent  

2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2016

Voted “Best Chiropractor in Santa Barbara”
SB News Press Readers Choice Awards

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017